Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jake is on it again!!!

Here were some of the fun photos I did with Jake. It was like a tribute photo which helped him get sponsored by Siege Fitness. He's rocking the new gas mask photo for the new line up. But I had him wear the gas mask from before. It more of a business photo shoot until the end. I always need to take a picture that's fun. Not just product photography. It was cool messing with lighting, some shadows and something little bit different. Hopefully I can do more with it when I find a new camera. I hate borrowing other people's things, especially a camera. I feel like I'm missing something in my life. I've had my 20D as long as I've been shooting. But it long over due. I'm looking at the Canon 50D. I don't want to lose any of my lens. I just need a new body. I would like a 7D or a full framed body, but that's outside my budget. I just need something to shoot with. Ahhhhh.....Stressin' out son!!!


Just wrapped up a photo shoot with Siege Fitness Athlete Jake. I was feeling super stressed out, so I decided to vape. The camera stuff was still out, so I took some pictures while doing it. Super quick and easy. Nothing special. Did some Tornadoes and some O's. Simple set up using an off camera flash. Just grabbed a little black side table from Ikea and used some black butcher paper in the background. Lighting is from behind, fired remotely using my radiopopper Jr. Here were some quick edits. I just love how organic smoke/vape is. Trying to manipulate the smoke is just as fun. It makes me think I'm an airbender. Hahaa.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mel's achievement of reaching 31 years old.

Someone is getting old! Sooo old she got herself a knitting kit. Hahaa. GENIUS!!! It was a fun night for sure. It all started at Seaport Village's Puesto for some Taco Tuesday. Gourmet tacos ranging from Baja fish tacos to high end tacos of filet mignon. Ohhh....$2 Tecates didn't hurt either. Since it was Mel's birthday, she was being fed alcohol and presents like no other. You think she's drunk in these pictures...thats just her normal look. She has Chandler syndrome with pictures, doesn't know how to take a good picture. But we all love her for that. Hahaa. Plus....she don't give a fuck. Everyone has a story to tell about Mel, they were being told that night for sure. New stories were being made that night too.  I just wanted to share some of the photos from the night. I haven't posted in a while, but this will definitely get the ball rolling again. So if you're wondering about the prison pics...yeah, we went there. From line up shots to finding our cell. 

I'll be sure to upload more pictures from my current and future projects too. Visit soon. Like always...thanks for stopping by.

Camera Info: 
Canon 30D cause my 20D crapped out. So I don't have a working camera anymore.
Lens: Canon 28mm 1.8 (autofocus)
Flash: 430EX flash set to -1/3 ETTL. 
Shutter speed: 1/30 to capture the ambient lighting and. 
Aperture: 1.8-4.0
ISO: 500

Monday, April 29, 2013

On Vacation: Location: BIG D!!!!

The last time I went to Dallas was for the NBA All Star Game. World Record for the largest attending audience for a basketball game. However, this time I came to see my best friends Francis and Cait. I didn't necessarily need to do the whole tourist thing. I feel like I did that last time. I wanted to see how they're living...not to judge them but for my own peace of mind. I was just excited to be there. They both mean so much to me in Esco, I just had to visit. As soon I flew in, we went to Henry's Tavern for a post flight meal and drinks. The disappointing thing is that the Clippers lost against the Grizzles that day. They also lost the following Saturday night. Disappointing day for me. But it was fun watching the NFL draft throughout the weekend to see how we (chargers) picked up Manti Te'o.

Back to my trip...

I just wanted to throw some of the photos up before I go to bed. I'll be sure to update more details throughout the week. I go back to work then preparing for a wedding on Saturday. Then I have to edit those photos then move into new pad. Those pictures will come soon too when I'm done. I plan on doing a before and after when I move in.

This Dallas trip was important to me. But I'll have to postpone til later. It's getting late. But check out the slide show and the photos. Music from the slide show was done by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell-Get Lucky.

Like always...thanks for looking.

The BIG D!!! (Texas) from Ryan Florido on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

First Rodeo

Lakeside Rodeo!!! YEeeeHaaaW!!!! I wore my shit kickers and flannel print shirt to fit in. I don't think I did a great job on it. I was only Asian there! It was like Where's Waldo, but Where's Asian. I saw some other guy with a slanted eyes and a camera, just like me. I even asked them, "Are you Asian?" to find out to my disappoint that he wasn't Asian. I had a great time for my first Rodeo. Great environment, probably cause I went with some kick ass friends and new faces. I was probably so annoying with all the questions I had. "Why is the horse/bull bucking?" "Does it hurt the calf?" The list can go on for a while. But I have a better understanding and appreciation to cowboys of all kinds. It's a different type of strength, like MMA fighters they're built for a purpose. Fuckin' going to the gym for fit is all Hollywood and looks. However, this event to the rodeo was perfect timing. Things have been busy for me, so its hard and kind of stressful. I needed something new and exciting. It hypes me up for my visit when I see Francis and Cait in Texas. I know I won't be roping any steer and horses, but its all about getting that cowboy mentality. Hahaaa.
Joel and Richelle!!!

Ryan, Richelle, Alysa

Not too bad for seats. I was cheering like it was a basketball game....LOUD!!!

Look at her cute. Can't take it seriously. Hahaa.

Kettle Corn and Beer.

Giddyup Joel!!

Ryan and Alysa (Steve in the background)

She's just showing off now. Getting your junk touching. Disgusting...hahaa.

So many!!

Ryan, this guy. Cowgirls, not mad.

I think Steve wants her beer.

The crew for the night.

My Sexytary and my favorite Nurse.

look at those

These things are BIG as S#!T

Late night Denny's.

Love these Girls!!!

Love this pic!!

Seriously Ryan!? You get em all huh!!!

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 Giddyup!!! Thanks for looking!