Saturday, September 20, 2014

Update: Nick's Ford Focus ST

It's been hot as shit lately. But today was the first day I experienced a glimpse of seasons changing. I had to take advantage of the cloud weather. So I did. Nick just got his car washed, overcast present. It was a sign for me to shoot. We drove up to San Marcos/San Elijo's Double Peaks Park which overlooks San Marcos. Here are some of the settings. I used my strobe to fill in the dark shadows. All edits were done in Lightroom.

Check out my old post on it's stock days. It's changed a lot, performance and aesthetically. 

Like always, thanks for looking.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


YO!!! I have a traditional state of mind at times. So when Jess and Al told me they're throwing a baby shower, I instantly hated the thought. I always thought baby showers were for women and family. Nah BRAH!!! This was another reason to throw a party. Celebrating Jameson's coming. He's a big deal already. Not even born and people, including myself cannot wait for him.

Jess and Company did a great job with the party. Alcohol, food, family, and friends is usually a formula for success, but Jess had to class it up. It's all about the details about the party. Headbands for EVERYONE, snacks inspired by Pinterest, and everyone getting in the spirit. No way somebody can be too cool for this. I feel so proud to be part of the party and hoping to be an influence on Jameson's life. There are so much more to the party, but its more personal and cute, something Jameson will appreciate when he gets older.

Here are some of my own personal favorite photos from the photo booth yours Truly set up. Visitors came and gone throughout the day. Remember the people and the moments are always special to each person. I'm glad to have helped captured with the help of awesome music provided by DJ oH SH!T and the Keg and shots of Jameson whiskey. Hahaaa. Check out the rest of the photos on my picasa web album. I just wanted to share the pictures with y'all. If there is a special photo you need/want, let me know so I throw more TLC and proper setting for prints.

Check out the rest of the photo booth pictures here.

As always, Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to meet you Jameson! If you share any pictures, be sure to use the hashtag "#james_on"

Monday, August 11, 2014

Brandon's Surprised San Diego Visit

You had to be there to appreciate any of these pictures. This is gonna be a short post. Mobbing deep, last minute after a fantasy draft. I certainly appreciated it, I know Brandon did too. It was just filled with amazing times. We played catch up with Brandon, meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. We hung out as if we were 19 again. We're all nearly 30, but that doesn't stop us from reliving those days.

I think this post is Brandon Approved. Like always, thanks for stopping by.

Nick's UAL Debut

I haven't touched this blog in a while, it is long over due. I might be starting backwards, but the important thing is that I'm starting again. With IG (Instagram), its so easy to share photos. The only gripe I have with IG, is the lack of quality. How can you really appreciate a pic from a cell phone without being able to zoom in. Other than that, I think IG is an amazing application. I feel like everyone has step up their own personal photography skills. It forces people to be creative. I was trying to do that even before IG with this blog. I wanted to be able to share photos without compromising quality.

Here is what I did this passed weekend. It was a wild one for sure. Busy with friends.

There are hundreds of different sports out there. My personal top favorite sports are tennis, basketball, and football. No particular order. However, I think I can add another sport to the list. The Ultimate Armwrestling League aka UAL. My great friend, Nick had an opportunity to compete with the world's best arm wrestlers from Brazil, Russia, the US.

It was his first league, but definitely not his last. Here are some of the pics from the Event.

Nick of course, sticking together had to be parked next a Ford Raptor. Best cars Ford has to offer right now.

Nick post match with one of the most beautiful women Ana Cheri

Nick's under the spotlight. All eyes on him, even if it lasted for a second. Something that definitely impacted him.

8x World Champion Richard Lupkes. He is a beast on his own.

Beautiful Arm Candy.

Former San Diego Charger LB Shawne Merriman checking out the scene.

6x Ladies World Champion Chris Regaine from Brazil. She is intense. 

Lisa Wolfley dominating. Veteran, 25+ years in the sports.

Me hanging out with Lisa Wolfley. Shes freaking cool. So strong. When we got the event, me and Chris hung out scoping out the scene. Next thing we know, we're concern for Nick, cause it was a whole different level of competition. I was very lucky enough to randomly talk to Lisa Wolfley and ask her some last minute advice to help out Nick. Such a sweet person.

Thanks for checking this out. I'll be posting more often. As always, thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jake is on it again!!!

Here were some of the fun photos I did with Jake. It was like a tribute photo which helped him get sponsored by Siege Fitness. He's rocking the new gas mask photo for the new line up. But I had him wear the gas mask from before. It more of a business photo shoot until the end. I always need to take a picture that's fun. Not just product photography. It was cool messing with lighting, some shadows and something little bit different. Hopefully I can do more with it when I find a new camera. I hate borrowing other people's things, especially a camera. I feel like I'm missing something in my life. I've had my 20D as long as I've been shooting. But it long over due. I'm looking at the Canon 50D. I don't want to lose any of my lens. I just need a new body. I would like a 7D or a full framed body, but that's outside my budget. I just need something to shoot with. Ahhhhh.....Stressin' out son!!!